Hans-Walter-Hennicke Lecture Competition

In remembrance of Prof. Dr. Hans-Walter Hennicke, the DKG has been awarding the Hans-Walter Hennicke Lecture Competition Award since 1995. With this prize, we honor the best lectures of young ceramists and academics on the topics of their final theses.

Participation is open to all graduates whose Bachelor, Master, Diploma or comparable final examination (no promotion) in the field of raw materials/ceramics at a college, academy or university, date back not longer than one year. Participation at the DKG Annual Meeting and the Symposium for High Performance Ceramics is free of charge while attendance of the Welcome Reception has to be payed.

Requirements for a participation in the contest:

  • Please register online under www.2018.dkg.de with:
    - your full name and your contact details,
    - the topic of your lecture,
    - the name of the institution where you completed the thesis and
    - the date of the examination.
    If some of the information is missing, your application may not be considered.
  • Please hand in a short abstract with a maximum of 1.500 characters (Titles, authors, addresses, etc, are not included in this limitation) and a maximum of 6 authors in English. Please refrain from writing the lecture title in uppercase letters, and make only thrifty use of sum formulas. There will be no proofreading.
  • Only one candidate per facility can be accepted to the competition. In case of multiple applications the head of your facility will have the final decision through an internal selection process.
  • It is possible that you will be asked by the DKG office to submit your application to a jury for professional assessment in advance. All candidates will be informed about their admittance to the competition in due time via the email addresses in their user accounts.
  • Your short abstract, slides and presentation need to be in English. The lecture has to be held exactly   15 minutes, unless otherwise agreed to by the Program Committee, followed by a 5-minute discussion. Keeping with the speaking times is an important assessment criterion!
  • The assessment criteria are: content, structure and visual presentation, imagery, presentation style, timekeeping and discussion. For each criterion, the jury awards 1 to 4 points, thus a presenter can reach a maximum of 24 points.
  • A laptop and a beamer will be available. If you need other media for your presentation, please contact the DKG office in advance (congress@dkg.de).


The Hans-Walter Hennicke Lecture Competition is supported by
Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger GmbH



The sponsor of the contest offers the following financial awards for the three best lectures:

1st  prize: 1.500 EUR
2nd prize: 1.000 EUR
3rd  prize:     500 EUR